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We welcome all road users!


To begin with, the Turbo Driving Forum is a collection of community message boards for road users. Indeed, anyone who uses our roads can become a member here and have their say. Obviously this includes car drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and so on. Of course, this also includes pedestrians too. Moreover, people from all walks of life can join without discretion. With this in mind, we are keeping the forums a safe place in which everyone can join in. So, to allow the forum to run smoothly, we need a few rules as follows:

01) All your posts here at Turbo Driving or associated websites are indeed your responsibility.
02) You must also treat all other members here with respect.
03) No porn or indeed links to porn is permissible.
04) Likewise, we don't want extreme images or links to these either.
05) Of course, swearing is only permissible where absolutely necessary.
06) Stay legal - this should obviously ensure you do not break the law.
07) You should also stay on topic and post new topics in the appropriate category.
08) One word replies or just a smiley reply is also only permissible where necessary.
09) Finally, by joining in with the Turbo Driving Forum, you agree to abide by the rules. You should also check regularly for updates to them.

Finally, enjoy your stay at the Turbo Driving Road Users Forum. Obviously, we would like you to call back often and post regularly.